Friday, March 11, 2011

Well Hello Weekend!!!

Yikes we have neglected the blog this week! I'll blame it all on Meghan because she hasn't blogged about ANYTHING;) However, she is very busy and I know she is pooped when she gets home from teaching all those cute little kiddies...So i'll tell you about my exciting week...or lack thereof. Ha!

This biggest (and saddest) part of my week was saying goodbye to my love as he trecked to Arizona for baseball spring training. I told him today that I knew he would be jealous of me when I told him I got to wake up to snow on the ground while he soaked up the 80 degree sunshine all rude! He will be in Arizona for about 3 weeks and then flies out to start his baseball season in North Carolina at the end of the month. I will miss him so much but who knows..I might pack up and go west for my spring break:)
My week was also filled with LOTS of studying...I had so many tests this week..I have studied countless hours in my four years in college and I am ready to be DONE! Which class would you like to discuss first?!? Comparative anatomy? Pathophysiology? or my personal favorite, Evolution..HA yea right! That's nothing but a bunch of hog wash! Needless to say, I made it through just always! Praise the Lord!

Our dog Carson had to get his yearly shots today..and I'm positive you all want to hear about I'll tell! He cried from the moment we got in the car! Geez...he doesn't like traveling much. Britt held him while he got his shots and I held his head so he wouldn't bite a chunck out of the vet lady..hah! He did pretty good though so we were proud. We even thought about taking him out for a hamburger at McDonalds...yes he knows the golden arches when he sees them (really he does!) but we were in a bit of a hurry so we skipped that part. Sorry dog.

Hopefully tomorrow I can just relax and have a pretty lazy day. That would be just fine with me! I've started a pretty regular running regimen to help get in great shape for my wedding...September will be here before I know it!! I ran 3 miles but then rewarded myself with no bake cookies..I'm not sure how good this is gonna work out..woops! Welp, I think that's all I have to say tonight. We will try to get better at updating..I promise!

P.S. I've been watching the news about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan and my heart just breaks for all the people who have lost friends, families, homes, etc. I pray God will just be with everyone affected and just give them peace during this extremely devestating time...I hope you will lift them up too!!

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