Friday, May 20, 2011

Leaving Home...

It's been awhile since our last blog post...finishing up school has consumed a lot of our time recently, but we're finished now and I've decided the blog needs to be brought back to life!!! 

Beth and I graduated last Saturday and Aaron got to come down and spend the week in KY. We had a lot of fun visiting with friends and family and got to see a couple of Drew's baseball games while he played in West Virginia. 

 On Thursday morning, Aaron and I headed back to Seattle for the summer! It's my first time being away from home for more than a couple weeks, so leaving was definitely bittersweet. We woke up around 4 to leave for the airport and I couldn't help but to shed a few tears leaving the only home I've known for my 22 years of life. I remember Aaron saying something about starting a new chapter of our lives as we left and thinking that I liked the old chapter just fine. I think it's kinda like a sequel to a really good get to the end of the first one and just know that nothing could possibly be any better. But then you finally decide to read the next one and it's just as good, if not better, than the first. As I left my house, I think it was like deciding to read the sequel...even as amazing as my life has been so far, I know that this experience will be just as fun and exciting and wonderful...I'm just really gonna miss some people along the way.

But....I am very excited about being here. It's so nice knowing that I don't have to leave Aaron in a few days and that we get to actually spend some quality and quantity time together. The long distance thing is okay for a while, but I think we were both ready to be done with that.

Our flight yesterday wasn't as good as we had hoped. We got our tickets a couple months ago and had reserved seats together but when we got our boarding passes, our seats were on opposite ends of the plane. We tried to get people to trade seats, but no one would trade with rude! Aaron told the people next to him that it was my first time away from home and that he really wanted to be able to sit with me. He even offered to pay the lady next to him to switch seats. She said no and that it was probably best that I was flying alone. He said he just looked at her and said, "No, it's not" and then didn't speak to her again the whole flight. Haha. Oh well...we made it here just fine.

We went to an auction tonight for a Christian organization called Young Life to help raise money for kids to go to camp this summer. We had a really good time and left broke as a joke! We won all kinds of fun stuff though, including a $200 cake. What in the world?! It was for a good cause though, so we were happy to help. 

I'm going to try to stay up to date with the blog, if nothing more than to just let my family know what I'm doing...hopefully Beth and Meg will start again too :) I'm pooped now, but I'll update again soon. Love, love.