Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Message from Seattle...

Hey there! I thought a blog post from Seattle was in order since we haven't written in a while...and since I had some time 'cause my boy is conked out beside me (he had to go into work at 3:30 this morning...he's a sleepy guy!)

I have been having so much fun since I got here on Friday night. My flight got delayed in Dallas so I didn't end up getting into Seattle until around 3:30 Saturday morning....needless to say, I was pooped!
I got a few hours of sleep and got up bright and early on Saturday morning. We didn't stop running all weekend! We went down to Aaron's hometown and visited with a lot of his family and friends. You really couldn't find sweeter people...everyone I met was just the nicest, sweetest person ever! I love his family and he has the best friends a person could find! We were really sad on our way down because we forgot our cameras at home, so we didn't get to take any pictures :( 

We got back to Seattle on Sunday night and had a relaxing day at home yesterday. We went to costco and spent nearly 3 hours shopping...we had the best time together and since Aaron only shops for groceries twice a year, we had to get a lot of stuff to stock his pantry...$300 worth of stuff! Oh, and just for the record, I won the "guess how much all this will cost" game...I was only a dollar off :)

Today Aaron had to work so I spent my day with this cutie....

His name is Bullet and he is the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever (I love my Carson the most, but I won't even begin to claim that he is the sweetest or the best behaved. Ha!) 

Well, off to make some dinner. Aaron thinks Meg is a better cook than me, so I'm about to try to prove him wrong!! I'll let ya know how that goes! I'll write again soon!  

Love, love

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