Monday, March 7, 2011

The Joys of Skype!!

I'm sure anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship knows how hard it can be sometimes. I know you don't know our story quite yet (coming soon, I promise), but Aaron and I certainly have had our fair share of days where we wish there weren't 2500 separating us. But oh the joys of technology and our very favorite means of communication, Skype! Nothing beats quality time in real life...but if you can't have that, we would definitely argue that Skype is certainly second best!

I remember the first time Aaron asked me to do Skype. I was a little hesitant just because we didn't really know each other that well and I thought it might be kinda weird and awkward. Boy, was I ever wrong!! That was such a fun night...I even remember what he was wearing...some cut-off t-shirt that had the Godfather logo on it. How I remember that and how he got ahold of a t-shirt like that is totally beyond me. Ha!

We've spent hours upon hours on the computer (I think our Skype record is like 14 hours!!!...Impressive, huh?) but it really never gets old....ok, that's a does get old, but we're very thankful to have it for now! Aaron is 3 hours behind me, so often times he gets off work and I'm already in bed for the night. But he'll call, well get on Skype and most of time, we both end up like this....
Hahaha!! I've slept on the couch more in the past 8 months than I have my whole life (I share a room with Beth and she doesn't usually like to be kept up by our late night visits)....and Aaron has to sleep with his light on so I can see him :) We're big nerds, we know! But until we can be together for reals, we'll take whatever we can get! 

 Love, love!

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