About Us

Hello blog world! We just recently decided that we wanted to start a blog to document our lives and the fun adventures that lie ahead of us! We want to be able to look back one day and remember this time in our lives and how much God has truly blessed us! We hope you will read this blog and be able to laugh with us...and maybe even cry with us...and just enjoy the stories from three small town Kentucky girls who are lucky enough to call each other sister! 

Here is a little about each of us....


Meg is a 24 year old, 1st grade teacher and spends the majority of her free time at Walmart. Ha! (No, seriously!) She LOVES to cook and is REALLY good at it. She has an unhealthy addiction to Chick-fil-A, TGI Fridays Jack Daniels Ribs and the T.V. show Criminal Minds! 
She has such a strong passion for the Lord and worship and is part of our church's worship team. She can seriously play the piano like no other and has such a beautiful voice. She sometimes likes to act tough, but she has one of the sweetest hearts of any girl we've ever known! She is the best, most beautiful big sister and we love her so much!
...And, watch out fellas!... she's single and ready to mingle!!! :)


Britt is 22 and is the oldest twin...by a whole minute! She is a senior in biology at Morehead State University (as well as Bethany) and they will both graduate in May. She is probably one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet, and probably the nicest out of the three sisters! :) She would do absolutely anything for anyone...as long as it wasn't illegal, of course. And she is known for laughing at the most inappropriate times...she just cant help it! Ha!
She loves Jesus with all her heart and also plays the piano for our church's worship team. She is dating a great guy named Aaron who is a police officer in Washington (yes...the state on the other side of the country from us!) and spends lots of time talking to him on the phone and on Skype. That crazy story is to come...don't worry! 
We love our sweet sister so much! She's the best! 


Beth is the youngest twin and definitely the feisty one of the three of us. She has the best sense of humor and is certainly the funniest! She can come up with the funniest things to say...in the funniest voices...to make us just roll in the floor laughing. She isn't afraid to tell you how she feels, but knows how to do it with a lot of love. 
She is engaged to a wonderful guy, Drew, who just got drafted by the Chicago White Sox last year. She's planning her September wedding which will be nothing less than absolutely gorgeous!! Most importantly, she has such a sweet love for the Lord and a passion for serving him.

She is by far one of the sweetest, most loving, beautiful girls you could ever meet....she's definitely got the whole package. We love her more than she could ever know!