Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bachelor..SAY WHAT!?!?

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great week! Britt and I had our last test this morning before spring break so we are pretty excited and ready for a nap since we only got about 4 hours of sleep last night...and we LOVE our sleep around here!! ;) Anyway.....
Who watched the finale of The Bachelor on Monday night??? I know it's a silly show but I like to watch's entertaining and you don't have to think, two things I enjoy! Anyway I have always said I could fall in love with a cardboard box if I got to travel the world, lay on the best beaches, and have the coolest dates ever imagined! I digress.

Emily, Brad, and Chantel

So..the last two girls were Emily and Chantel...I have loved Emily from the beginning. All I can say is DARLING! Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Drew was watching the first episode with me and when he saw Chantel, he looks at me and says,"Hey! That's the girl that wins!" I'm like, "come again!? How do you know?" He said one of our friends (Kerri) read the blogs and found out it was her. I was literally mad that he told me the winner! Why would I want to watch it if I already knew the outcome..pathetic I know haha! So the whole season I have thought it was Chantel that won Brad's heart...Oh did I have another thing coming! So we were watching the finale and Brad ends up picking Emily! I was shocked! We'll see if that lasts....I think he is kind of weird really..and it looks like he has an anger problem so who knows! What do you all think about her/him/them......anyone?!?!

In other news...we have been reading Kelly's Korner blog for a long time and we all feel she is family now..even though we've never met or even seen the woman in real life. HA! But anyway, Meg wrote me a text this afternoon that said, "Hollis is here!!" She just had a baby this morning!! We have read about her pregnancy for the last 9 months so we are so excited and want to go visit them to see the baby. But that might be awkward for both parties, so pictures on her blog will suffice. 
Welp...i typed myself right into exhaustion! I'm ready for my nap:) Have a great night! We'll talk soon!

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  1. Kelly's Blog was the very 1st blog I started reading 2 1/2 years ago, I love it!!
    Blogging is so fun!

    Hope you all have a safe and great spring break!